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Need to restore Public Folder

My customers server required a reinstall due to a virus on SBS03. I was very carefull to rebuild the system with the same names and file structure as original install. Unfortunately, I overlooked manually backing up their public folders, which contaned a large contact list for their company. I have catalogued all of their tapes, but do not see the contact item in the public folder. I contacted MS and they advised me to dismount the pub1.edb and copy over the pub1.edb and pub1.stm and remount. If all my naming conventions are the same, we should be okay. My question is this, what is the process to restore the edb and stm from BUE 9.1? I am assumming that I need to restore the public folder information store. I am having a difficult time navigating the KB to find this process. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Need to restore Public Folder