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NetBIOS required using Backup Exec 10?

I attempted to perform a backup across a firewall to a remote server in our DMZ. Regardless of which ports I opened (I experimented with different ranges for the Remote Agent and the Media Server), I could not get the Media Server to see the remote server's drives so that I could select them. I added the remote server to the User-defined selections list using its IP address and was able to authenticate to it, but every time I would try to browse the server's drives, I would receive an error saying "Unknown error in the NDMP subsystem."

I could see successful connections on port 10000 on the firewall and I even tried permitting ALL traffic between the media server and the remote server. Finally, I turned on "File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks" on the remote server; everything immediately worked after that. We don't want to have that on for servers in the DMZ -- is this required by BE 10? I thought it was no longer needed with the newer versions. The remote server is a Win2K server and the media server is Win2K3, if that matters....
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Re: NetBIOS required using Backup Exec 10?


Refer the technotes given below :

Backup Exec cannot view or back up servers on the far side (outside) of a firewall or in DMZ environment, even though the proper IP ports are open.

Additional Technote

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Additional Information :
For information on the recent VERITAS Backup Exec security vulnerabilities, including links to the downloads for the necessary hotfixes, please refer to the following document:
Patch summary for Security Advisories VX05-001, VX05-002, VX05-003, VX05-005, VX05-006, VX05-007

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Re: NetBIOS required using Backup Exec 10?

Do I need to enable NetBIOS in windows in order to do backup using Backup Exec?