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Netapp Volume Browser not available for ONTAP 8 in Cluster Mode

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Hello forum,

we have observed (With BE2010 R3 SP3) that the browsing of CIFS/NFS Netapp Volumes is not available for Netapp Devices connected via NDMP if they run with ONTAP 8.x in Cluster-Mode. You can only backup the whole volume.

There is a note in an older DDI article that leads me to believe that this is intended behavior:

  • NDMP: Volume Browse support is removed in ONTAP 8 Cluster-Mode. Currently get Error when attempting to browse.

However I was unable to find any information from Symantec and/or Netapp stating why it was removed and if it will be introduced again. So right not I am unsure if this is a limitation of BE or ONTAP when running in cluster mode.

Does anyone else have more information on this?

Thanks in advance.