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Netware incremental or differential always does full backup.

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I have a Linux box with OES installed. A Netware 6.5 SP8 box and a few Windows boxes all getting backed up.

I noticed that incremental backups are alway large, so I started testing to figure out why.


It appears that the Novell box, running the BackupExec agent always sends a full backup no matter what.

As a test, I created a backup list, then from that list I created a policy with two jobs. One full, and one incremental.

Then I edited the selection list to only some Windows folders. Full worked, incremental (immediately after) was very small... good.

I edited the List to only select a few Linux folders. Again, full worked, incremental was very small.

Finally I edited the list to select some Netware folders, Full worked, incremental is the same size.

Tried modifying the policy to do full-modified time, and Incremental-modified time. Same thing. Full works, incremental same size as full.

In the backup selection list, I SEE the modified time as some date in 1999... UNCHANGED.

I tried the test on Netware using various combinations (modif time, archive bit, incremental, differential)... always the same results. Full and incremental are always the same size... always a full backup.


I need this to work... I'm out of ideas.


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Sounds like you've gone as far as you can go

I've set the support flag on this thread to draw it to the attention of the Symantec Techs

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Do you have any antivirus software running on the problem server?  AV software sometimes causes the incremental backup to become full.

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Try running an a new fresh Full backup - Using archive bit (reset achive bit) then the night make a new fresh backup job and as run a incremental - Using Archive bit (reset archive bit), see if that works.

If i add anything new and its on the incremental one to run, it just see's it as a new data to backup and will probably be smaller if it isn't modified next time around.

Thats how i run it mine that and that works fine. monday to thursday incremental then friday a Full and maybe a sunday backup for extra because i overwrite the monday to fridays after a month.

Hope this helps



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No Anti-virus running on this Netware server.


"Try running an a new fresh Full backup"

Did you READ my entire question???