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Network Attached Storage

Is it possible to create a backup job for network attached storage?  Due to some recent storage space constraints on some older servers we want to connect a 2TB raid drive on the network, but we will need the ability to backup files that will reside there.  Is there a special agent or procedure required to handle this?  We are currently running BE 11d.  Thanks

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You can backup folders that

You can backup folders that are created on the NAS.  Presumably these folders are shared folders.  You would need to specify their UNC name when selecting them and you need to add the NAS local administrator account to BE logon credentials.

You would also need a RAWS licence since the NAS is considered to be a remote server.

As well as info given by PKH,

As well as info given by PKH, if the NAS itself is NDMP aware, then disable NDMP on the NAS.