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Network File Share Backup Not Using Proper Credential

Level 2

License: BE23.0 1250 Simple Core (Agent for Win, Agent for VMWare, Agent for Linux, tape, etc)

Host OS: Windows Server 2022 Standard 20348.2402

Target: Synology NAS with CIFS3

Problem: The BE agent on the host is connecting to the NAS using the default credential instead of the credential that I assign during the job setup. I know this is happening because the logs on the synology show the user being used as "Administrator" which is not the user I setup for the credential used in the job.

This results in the job failing every time. Note that when I use the "Test Run" job that was setup along with the backup job, the test run job seems to use the correct credential. It's the backup job that uses the wrong credential.

Secondary Annoyance: The synology shows up as a "Windows" computer in BE, despite it being a CIFS target (even if I tell it to use Unix, it still says Windows).



Level 2

If you select the server, right click, choose "Details". On the details page you will see the listing of the open shares that CIFS is reporting. Each of these shares has a credential associated with it, and the default is to use the users windows logon account. 

That default needs to be changed to use the credential used during the setup of the job. Once I set the proper credential on each share, the backup job completed. The synology connection logs show the correct user being used.

FYI. This is using an IBM TS4300 with an LTO9 tape drive. This configuration required the use of AVAGO SAS3 3008 StorPort card. We had an ATTO card but it could not speak to the IBM device and could not manage the control path.