New Media Server on Windows 2008

We are about ready to switch our media server from windows 2003/backupExec 11 to Windows 2008/BackupExec 12.    Is there anything special with installing BackupExec 12 on a windows 2008 ?    On our windows 2003 we did switch the ndmp port to 12,000 - can this be accomplish in BackupExec 12 and Windows 2008 so the remote agents run over this port.    We had to do this in BackupExec 11 because of a lot of remote agent failures.   Is this going to be necessary in BackupExec 12?
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Re: New Media Server on Windows 2008

You will be able to setup Backup Exec 12 to run on Port 12,000.   You would need to edit the services file and add the NDMP entry like you did in 11.