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New User Question - Job Failure

Level 2
Our IT consultants recently switched to Veritas BE 9.1. The tape backup has been running smoothly, then I one morning got a failure message saying that the "job engine system service" is not responding. I worked my way through the help section and checked Tools/BE Services and "stopped all" then "started all". I ran a test run and it failed. The failure alert tells me to see the job log to find out why it failed. My problem is I can't find the job log - or I am looking at it and not seeing the problem. I looked under help and it told me how to interpret error messages but never how to VIEW the job log. So, I have a problem and I can't even find where to look to solve it. Any help would be appreciated!

Level 2
Hi, have you tried to double click on the failed job in the "Job Monitor" panel? This is where you can find the job log, expand the selection and read through the log to find the errors. Another place to look is under the the "Reports" tab and run the "Active Alerts" report. Good luck.

Level 2
When I double click on the job, it tells me:
Error category: Job Errors
Error: a0008703 - Job failed running its test run. See logfile for details.
This is the logfile I am trying to find. The job summary information tells me:
Test run status: failed
Logon account check status: successful
So, I feel like I must be looking in the wrong place. The other thing that confuses me is that under job summary it says:
Capacity check status: successful
But under Detail Information it says:
Capacity check status: failed
So I am not even sure if I am looking in the right place.
If it makes a difference to know, I am using a new blank tape.

Level 4
that means that you dont have any available scratched tapes or overitable tapes or there is not enought space in your tapes to do your backup

Level 2
You mentioned that you used a blank media. Have you tried to do a 'quick erase' on it first anyway?

Level 6
Kindly check the following,

1.If allocated media in a target media set have Overwrite Protection set on them, the capacity check in the test run fails. This is because Backup Exec sees these media as unavailable for overwriting, whereas the fact that the media can still be appended to does not come into the picture.

Refer the following technote,

2.You may also refer this technote which addresses the error, "0xa0008703 - Job failed running its test run"

3.To read the job log of a failed job, Go to Job Monitor and double click on the failed backup job.

-An Html page will open, which has two tags at the top namely 'Job History' and 'Job log'

We suggest you to use a new blank media,inventory it and then set the overwrite protection as mentioned in the technotes above and run a Test job on the media.

Hope this helps.