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New environment - exchange and 2008. Would Backup Exec work?


We're using exchange 2010 on a windows 2008 SP2 machine, and a windows 2008 domain.  I need to be able to make full and then DIFFERENTIAL backups of the exchange information store, and unfortunately i haven't been able to find a product that's native to windows/exchange that does it.

I've used backup exec years ago back when it was a Veritas product

Just want to make sure that

a) i will be able to do an incremental or differential backup of exchange 2010 using a remote agent, with symantec backup exec 2010?

b) i can back up to a UNC file store



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With Exchange agent license

a) Yes you can.. To backup Exchange 2010 you must install BE media server on a 64 bit Windows server 2008 SP2/R2 machine. You can perform backups with GRT enabled so that you can restore individual mail box items. b) Create a B2D folder in that location and target your exchange jobs at it. That's it Regards....

Thanks for the quick

Thanks for the quick response.

All servers in the environment are running 2008 or 2008 R2, and are all 64bit, so that shouldnt' be a problem :)

What would I need?  Just backup Exec license, and then a SQL exchange license?

For the SQL side, we were planning to backup the SQL databases with a SQL maintenance plan, and then run a 3rd party tool to compress the databases (16GB compressed down to 800MB), and then create a batch file to send it.  Would backup exec be able to do database backups on SQL and then at the same time compress them and store off-site?  Would take our proposed 3 step process (1 - back up sql database; 2 - compress sql backup; 3 - send off-site) and combine it into one...

Hi, Please find the Best


Please find the Best Practices for Backup Exec 2010 - Table of Contents which helped me a lot while setting up new install of BE2010R3.

You would need a licence for

The reason why you need to install BE on a 64-bit machine is that to do GRT restore of Exchange mailboxes, you need to install the Exchange Management Tools on the media server.

You would need a licence for BE itself and a licence each for to backup Exchange and SQL.  Remember BE licences are on a per machine basis.

BE is able to backup SQL databases directly and the result can be compressed at the same time.  You can restore a SQL database directly, without having to go through multiple steps which is what would happened if you use your existing plan.  Also, you don;t have to pay for the compression feature.  BE can backup SQL databases directly and can use the tape drive's hardware compression facility if it is available.  I think using BE to backup your SQL databases is a lot easier than your scheme.  If you do decide to use BE to backup SQL, then you should not use any SQL maintenance plan as this would interfere with the BE backup.

b) i can back up to a UNC file store

You can certainly do so.  Make sure that your device is a supported device (check the SCL below) and buy a RAWS licence for each device.

BE 2010|2010 R2|2010 R3 Hardware (HCL)