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New to BackUp Exec

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Hi professional in this forum

I have an Dell ML6000 connected to a Dell 2950 PowerEdge server via fibre. I am new in this BackUp exec and I am only using my knowledge gained from reading the manuals onhow to conduct a back up. I can access my ML6000 from anywhere on the network, and I can also see the drives (as robotic drives) on BackUp Exec. Now the problem is backing up data. I ran the back up wizard but it doesnt allow me to back up the data, i have a couple of questions in this regard (some might bbe stupid questions):
1. When one is backing up their data, where is the tape (these 800G tape hard drives) suppose to be. Is it in the drive itself or the storage area (slots),  i figured it cant be the I/E stations for obvious reasons.
2. And as a matter of fact, what are the functions of these things. I mean i know the I/E station is used to import or export, storage area for tape storage or library....then what is the drive there for?
3. When configuring a job on back up exec....what is the use of having a media set or can you just back up without one. Which robotic device do you chose? (I currently can see 1 robotic device with 2 drives)  

Any relevent documents is deeply appreciated


The not so Professional

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1 - The tapes should be stored in the storage slots - and backup exec will move them to the drive as required.

2. - The I/E slots are so you can insert or remove tapes from the library withouth having to open uo the library itself which would interrupt other operations

3 - The media set controles how long a tape can still be written to and how long the data on the tape is kept before it is overwritten - as such yes you must use Media Sets  - most environments use a different set for Daily from Weekly, Montly and Yearly tapes as usually the overwrite protection requirements are different. Suuesg treading the chapter in teh Admin Guide on Media Management to understand this.

In the Job configuration use the name of the library as where to send the job and then if the library has more than 1 tape drive it will use any avialable drive for the job.