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No compression with AIT-3 tapes

Level 2
I'm using Backup Exec 11d with latest patches installed and the Symatnec drivers for the SDX-700c Sony AIT-3 tape drive.

I have been unable to get hardware compression going at all on my tapes. I was doing software compression, which worked okay, but have switched to disk-to-disk-to-tape which does not support software compression. I have hardware compression enabled in the device properties and in my backup jobs. However, when I actually do a backup, I get slightly less than the tape capacity (i.e. 96GB on a 100GB tape). The compression ratio for the media is blank, as well. I can't find anything in the logs indicating that compression was used, not used, or anything really even related to compression.

Having tried all that, I'm stumped as to what the cause might be. I've tried several tapes, checked firmware, etc.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.  

Level 6

In the job log, expand out Job Operation - Backup.  You will see a section called "Backup Options", in here look for "Hardware compression enabled"  If you do not see this in the job log then Hardware compression is not enabled for the backup.  If this is enabled, here are a couple things you can try.

1. Install the vendor drivers for the library

2. Run a backup with NT Backup (make sure to stop the BE services before you do this though)

3. If neither of those help, I would suggest giving a call over to your hardware vendor as the drive is what is doing the compression (if hardware compression is enabled) not Backup Exec.  Backup Exec just sends a command to the tape drive to enable compression for the job.

Level 2
It is showing hardware or none (hardware or software is not available in the duplicate jobs).

I'll go ahead and try 1-3 and see where it gets me -- but I've got to ask.. I found a similar post that recommended installing the Symantec drivers instead of the vendor drivers. In fact, just about every post starts with a recommendation to try that first.

If the vendor drivers actually do work, is this just an indicator of a bug in Symantec's driver, or am I stuck permanently with the vendor drivers and any problems they may have with Backup Exec?