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No media servers available and queued jobs

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I'm trying to setup a job to backup to an external USB drive. The drive is recongized in windows, I can copy data to the drive. I also have created a media set and Backup to disk folders under devices. However, whenever I try to run a test job to see if I can backup a job to the external usb drive, the job will either just sit there with a "ready; no media servers are available" or the job will just stay queued forever - I end up having to cancel the job and the job sits there saying "cancel pending" forever. I eventually have to cycle the services in order to clear the pending job. No alerts either. I googled the first error and Symantec's fine fix was to disable the removable storage service.This is already set to manual and the service isn't started. I'm totally out of ideas. This is very frustrating. Please help


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There are external USB hard drives with performance comparable to conventional hard drives. These portable drives (called enclosures) are composed of devices that connect through USB on one side and to conventional hard drives on the other side. A hard drive is installed into the enclosure and then the enclosure is plugged into the computer, thus creating a normal USB backup device. Given the size of nowadays hard drives, this can be considered a mass storage device for backup purposes. There are external hard drives that beside the USB technology use also FireWire as a connection port. On one side FireWire hard drives tend to have increased speed over USB, but on the other side USB ports are more common on computers. Steps in backing up to USB drive with Backup4all: 1. Start your USB device. Before starting the backup process make sure that the USB drive is started and working. Usually the enclosure should have a start button and display the status of the drive using led displays. When it is started a green led should be lighted. 2. Make sure your drive is formatted. If you have just purchased the drive and didn’t use it yet, you might have to format it (only if you didn’t use it before, since formatting will erase everything from it). Formatting the USB drive in Windows XP: * Go to Start->Settings->Control panel->Administrative tools->Computer Management. * Under Computer Management click Disk Management then check the right-bottom window (scrolling down if necessary) * You should see the additional hard drive disk; right-click on it, choose New partition, then follow the instructions to format the hard drive. * Test to see if the drive is now recognized by going to Windows Explorer (a new drive letter should appear) 3. Configure Backup4all. If the drive is formatted and recognized by Windows, it will be recognized by Backup4all too. Now, to backup to the USB drive you should define a backup job in Backup4all that has the destination set to the USB drive. To ensure this, please select the backup job you want to run, press CTRL+P in order to open the Backup Properties window, go to the Destination page and select a drive from the Destination drive drop down list. You can also define a new backup job and in the destination window select the USB drive. Some USB drives have a button to start the execution of an associated program. If you have such a device you can configure Backup4all to execute a backup job or a backup group when the button is pressed. After the USB drive is ready, go to the Tools->Options menu of Backup4all, select One Touch Backup and press Detect to check if the USB drive is compatible with the One Touch Backup feature of Backup4all.


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