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No resources?

Level 3

I'm beyond frustrated trying to figure this out.

BE 21 is installed on Server 2016, and the Agent is installed on both Server 2016 and Server 2019.

BE can see them and install the Agent on them no problem.

Agent Utility has no issues.

In BE, I can see the server but there are no resources such as drives, etc.

To add a bit of frustration and confusion, I could see everything this morning (C, E, System State, etc).

I've reinstalled the Agent, and restarted services several times. I have AV and firewall turned off.


Any ideas?




Does this affect the BE server and both remote servers or just one server?
Have you managed to fix it especially as it was working earlier? If so could you share the solution?

We were able to fix the issue, mainly by removing the server and re-adding it. It also helps if the switches are at least 1GB; that particular location has 100MB unfortunately.