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Not Appendable (media full) Expired

Level 1

Hello. Recently ran into the problem, that Tape backups on backupexec 15 started to hang. After investigation found that almost all tapes in this Media set is in color blue and in status Not appendable (media full), and expiration is expired and "overwrite protected until" is set to Overwritable. Few tapes that are not full, appendable until is Not appendable, but also is in color blue, and status expired.  The media set is cofigured to Overwrite protection period: 6 days and append period 12 days.

At this point Tape backups no longer run. If I start backup on this media set, job goes to Active: queued .

Could the problem be that the tapes are Not Appendable (media full)   and expired, despite there are tapes that have some free space (but are blue and media set expired)? And why backups dont overwrite the expired media if the Overwrite proteced is Overwritable?

Shouldnt backupexec overwrite the tapes where media set is older than 6 weeks, as defined in media set policy?

How can I tell backup exec to use the expired data set tapes and start overwriting them. Thank You.

Thank you.



The tapes are overwritable/usable if they are in blue text and the overwrite protection has expired.

I suspect your job isn't running for a different reason.  Are there any alerts that you have not acknowledged?