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Not able to install backup exec 20.3 remote agent

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Hello All,

Currently we are trying to upgrade for from Backup exec 2016 to Backup Exec 20.3. As part of this we are facing issues while installing the 20.3 remote agent for windows.

We had to uninstall BE 16 manually from the remote agent as push was not working after sucessfully upgrading the media server.

The error that we are getting is "Product: Veritas Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows - Update 'Veritas Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows (Feature Pack 3)' could not be installed. Error code 1603".

Appreciate your help on this.

UAC is disbaled and tried rebooting the server several time.



Accepted Solutions

Sure Marianne and sorry for the delayed response.

It was a corrupted MSP FP3 from the RAWX64. Once it was removed, able to install it successfully.



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Please see if one of these TNs helps:

Manual installation of the Remote Agent for Windows Systems (RAWS) works fine, but when attempting to install or upgrade it via the push install method fails at the beginning of the procedure.

Backup Exec Remote Agent Installation fails with Error "The return code from the MSI is: 1603"

Hello Marianne,

I have tried both the articles but no help. There is no specific kind of erros which can address the issue in the RAWINST20.HTM.


05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): VersionNT64 = 603
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): VersionMsi = 5.00
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): VersionDatabase = 300
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): CLIENTPROCESSID = 1572
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): MSICLIENTUSESEXTERNALUI = 1
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): CURRENTDIRECTORY = C:\ProgramData\Veritas\Backup Exec\{01FA58EE-0136-4113-92E4-AD555504BA41}
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): INSTALLUIMODE = 1
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): VMWAREGUEST = 0
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): ENABLEADVRT = 1
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): REINSTALLMODE = emus
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): REBOOT = ReallySuppress
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): EXE_ENVOKED = 1
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): PackagecodeChanging = 1
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): ProductState = -1
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): TRANSFORMSATSOURCE = 1
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): TRANSFORMSSECURE = 1
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): PATCH = D:\BE 20.3\BE\WINNT\INSTALL\RAWSX64\Updates\1188RSP.msp;
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : Property(S): FAMILY0 = D:\BE 20.3\BE\WINNT\INSTALL\RAWSX64\Updates\1188RSP.msp
05-23-2019,22:49:01 : === Logging stopped: 23/05/2019 22:49:01 ===
05-23-2019,22:49:02 : The return code from the MSI is: 1603
05-23-2019,22:49:02 : AgentSeqDlgs::PostInstallActions
05-23-2019,22:49:02 : AgentSeqDlgs::Misc_BE_CommonOps
05-23-2019,22:49:02 : The return value for Backup Exec Agent for Windows returned error code: 1603
05-23-2019,22:49:02 : Clean up Symantec installer keys.
05-23-2019,22:49:02 : Cleaning up the symc status key
05-23-2019,22:49:05 : AgentSeqDlgs::Misc_BE_CommonOps
05-23-2019,22:49:05 : Dialog Sequence Returning errorlevel 1603
+ 05-23-2019,22:49:05 : The Installation Failed!

Hello Marianne/All,

Would be great if anyone can let me know how to remove previuos failed installations/uninstallation from registry for the remote agent.


Without seeing the entire install log it hard to tell what is causing the failure.

You indicated you removed the BE 16 agent manually?  Do you mean thru Program/Features - Uninstall <- Did this complete   OR do you mean you had to remove it via registry and deleting the \Symantec\Backup Exec\RAWS folder etc.

We tried to uninstall it from Control panel and it got failed. After that we tried to uninstalla it using microsoft programme install and uninstall tool. One correction the srever is WIN2k12 R2 64 Bit.

Uploaded the MSI install log.

The issue is being resolved now..

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Please tell us HOW the issue was resolved as this will help other users who have similar issues. 


Sure Marianne and sorry for the delayed response.

It was a corrupted MSP FP3 from the RAWX64. Once it was removed, able to install it successfully.