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Not appendable (Media full)

Level 3
I am running 11D with the HP 1/8 autoloader. I am having an issue similar to many others, but I've not seen a solution for anyone yet, so I thought I'd try a new post and see what happens.
I setup a media set with 0 hours overwrite protection and invite - allow append.
I'm getting some of my tapes (LTO) that show up as No appendable (Media full). Why is this, and how do I fix it?

Level 3
You ever find a solution to this answer? I am receiving the same problem -

Level 3
Sadly, I have not found a solution, so half my backups are failing :(

Level 3
Man -
Its weird cause the 1 tape (out of many) that I have says its full (okay fine) - But, like you all my settings are to over write - The only difference between you and I is that I have the overwrite time set to 1 hour.
Its kind of funny (well not really) the most important part of "IT" is the back up of data - But, its the most confusing part of it all.
Problems like this make me closer and closer to setting up a NAS/SAN with CDP running and just back up the CDP files - Kind of like backing up VSS files I guess - I hate tape and it might be just about time for me to look at full on disk based solutions/ then like I said backup the image that is created, to tape -
One thing you might try though is deleting your media set and recreating it - I am thinking of deleting my 1 tape that is having problems then re-adding it to my media set -
Good luck

Level 6
If you set a media set to 0 hours overwrite protection, then this media is always overwritable and never appendable.  I would suggest setting a longer overwrite protection period to see if this helps out.

Here is a technote that goes into much more detail about media management.