Not picking up overwritable media

I have BE 10.1 installed on Win 2k3 using a StorageTek L20 library with LTO2 drives and media. I have partitioned the library from within BE

My problem is that when a job is executing and fills up the current tape, it will not automatically grab the next available tape. We have to cancel and resubmit the job.

In this instance the partition includes 4 tapes, they are not blank tapes, they contain data that has passed our retention period. The job will start using a tape, when that tape fills up it will not grab any other overwritable media available in that partition.

Any help is appreciated
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Re: Not picking up overwritable media

Stupid question first -

Double check that the target of the backup is the correct partition, not just one slot in the partition.

Just for grins, try moving the expired tape volumes to the scratch set before the job starts.

Re: Not picking up overwritable media


We request you to update us on this issue.


Re: Not picking up overwritable media

Sorry for the late response, had problems getting logged back in.

The job is pointing to the correct partition, it is not pointing to a specific slot.

I could move the overwritable media to the scratch se, but is that adding more maual steps into a process that should be automatic? I would think that the whole process would be more automatic

Re: Not picking up overwritable media

Yes, it should be automatic.

One more thing to check. If a job that uses a different tape each night of the week starts before midnight and ends after midnight, and has a 7 day OPP, it will NOT be available the next week.

Try setting daily OPP to 6 days, weeklies to 27 days, etc.

Re: Not picking up overwritable media

Hi Randy,

Please provide us an update if the earlier suggestions have helped you.