Not receiving Test Notification from Backup Exec

I have Backup Exec setup to send out various notifications. The only problem is I'm not receiving them. I've got the SMTP configuration set up the same way I have SEPM setup which is sending out email notifications. When I try to send a test notifications all I get is "A test notification has been queued for delivery to the selected recipient." Any suggestions on helping me get this issue sorted out would be appreciated.

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I assume you are using

I assume you are using exchange, did you add the ip-adress of your backup exec server to the list of allowed relay's?


At least I suggest you watch on your mailserver if you can see any errors in the mail-logging!

I'm using 1&1 in MS Exchange

I'm using 1&1 in MS Exchange for email. I'm using the same forwarding address on SEPM and I didn't have to add it's IP to an allowed relay list. Which logs would I need to check/enable to see why the email isn't going through.

Just in case, what IP address needs to be added. I don't know if 1&1 has an allowed relay list but if it does I'll add it.

I guess the question should

I guess the question should be where can I find the IP address Backup Exec is trying to send from.

Are you using Authenticated

Are you using Authenticated SMTP - as after changes in the SMTP Authentication standarads - Backup Exec is unfortunately not able to send SMTP with authentication - we are aware of this however I suspect any fix might only make s a future product version.


Basically if you can use telnet running on the media server to test sending an e-mail message from the command line (without authentication) then Backup Exec on the same server should work - if you can't do the telnet test then Backup Exec won't work either.


If you don't know how to do this there are plenty of hits in Google to help you send test e-mails using telnet.



There are a few steps you must do, within BE and the Exchange server to use Authenticated SMTP:

On the Exchange Server:
- In System Manager, drill down into the server and then to Protocols. From there, expand the SMTP node and right click on Default SMTP Virtual Server and select properties.
- On the properties page, select Access Control - Authentication button.
- Uncheck Annonymous Access.

In Backup Exec
- Selecct Tools\Email and Pager
- On the SMTP tab, activate teh "Enable SMTP Authentication"
- Enter the appropriate information for the user login name and password
- Create the recipient to use for this notification, and then test it. As long as the information in the SMTP Tab is correct and you have rights, it will work.



Is your problem solved?

I've tried sending the email

I've tried sending the email using telnet and that didn't work.

I've set up Exchange Server and Backup Exec configured correctly and it is still queueing the message for delivery and never sending it.

OK if the telnet test didn't

OK if the telnet test didn't work it proves that your problem is NOT within Backup Exec - you need to look at your inbound SMTP settings on your mail server and perhaps any software or hardware firewalls that might be in the mix to sort that out - get telnet working to send a mail and you should then be able to get Backup Exec working.

I'm looking at the relay

I'm looking at the relay access and the only address that is allowed is Is it possible that this is not the IP Backup Exec is trying to send from and the proper address needs to be added to that list?

Can you try

Cmd--telnet smtp server ip 25


mail from: enter mail id(Enter valid mail id of ur org)

rcpt to: enter mail id (any mail which is accisible)


test mail


Then check whether mail flow happening just you have got the sent mail. is a reserved is a reserved address against the loopback for the mail server - if this is the only allowed address and Backup Exec is installed on a different server then it is not surprising it does not work.

Then Check

Check with Ip address instead and see

I've tested sending an email

I've tested sending an email using telnet and it only queues for delivery but never send.

The allowed address in SMTP Virtual Server is the same server that Backup Exec is installed on.

Then you should start

Then you should start troubleshooting in Exchange.

Check the message tracking in Exchange.

Are you referring to the

Are you referring to the Queues folder for the server. If so there is nothing in there.

Hello. I'm having a similar

Hello. I'm having a similar problem - no matter what I do, I can't seem to get notifications to send.

I've tried setting it to our exchange server - which is on the same server - by IP and by name, with and without including the domain. I know auth is on on the exchange server, but I tried the telnet test anyway, and I get as far as mail from: and it complains about lack of auth - I have the auth enabled in BackupExec, but I've also tried it without. I also tried sending through gmail's smtp service, as I have an account with them - this comes up with a different error in telnet, but again it's auth - and I tried that with and without the authentication, still no joy. 

I can't see anything at all on the exchange server, but I'm fairly new to the windows side of the world, and so I'm probably looking in the wrong place - it's exchange 2007 on SBS2008. As far as I'm aware, I do not have access to an SMTP server which *doesn't* require auth.

Later on I should be able to bounce all mail through a linux machine I've set up to do spam and virus checking, and then I'll be on firmer ground with regards to figuring out what's going on, but Windows servers are still black magic to me and the boss doesn't want the linux machine going live until I've properly explained to him what it does. As he's not technical and it does several other things as well, this might take a while.

On the receive connector you

On the receive connector you can add (= localhost) to the allowed relay list.

Secondly you can enable anonymous on the connector, but make sure you are not an open relay on the internet.

Hi Mini - If Authentciation

Hi Mini - If Authentciation is the only allowed security then Backup Exec will not be able to send even if you resolve any other issues in the environment. This is because the Backup Exec SMTP connection does not currently support the latest SMTP authentication requirements

Similar problem on SBS 2008 - found some reasons why.

I also cannot send a test message using Backup Exec 2010 on a SBS 2008 system.

Since this is SBS 2008, I am using the servers Exchange 2007 SMTP as my mail server. To troubleshoot, I enabled verbose logging on the SMTP connector. 

I found you definately cannot send an email from BE 2010 to an outside email address. The log shows exchange blocking it because "relaying is not permitted". I also found the SMTP authentication in BE 2010 doesn't work. The logs show no indication any credentials were attempted to be used. I alos have not been able to configure the server to allow relaying from itself.

So I then set up BE 2010 to use an internal email account. When I send a test message from SBS 2010, and according to the log the email is "spam" and is blocked. This is a "feature" of exchange 2007. I've added the servers IP address to the Anti-Spam allowed IP list, however this does not work.

So my next step is to run a test backup and see if the email notification actually makes it past the exchange anti-spam and to the users email account or if the anti-spam is still blocking it.