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Notifications Failing to Send

Level 3

We have several servers on remote sites running Backup Exec v9 and two with v10. After the notification "knockouts" on Monday all notifications were rechecked and all servers started sending them correctly, except the two running v10.

These two servers are set to send the notifications to three addresses. Two are internal addresses and the third is an external address (our reporting address). We are recieving actual server performance reports from these servers to this address so everything is working there.

I have tried removing the offending notification user and recreating it, and also creating a new user using my own personal e-mail address, neither of these have worked. It seems that the reports are not being created/sent. I have tested these notification users with the "Test" button and it shows the "an e-mail has been queued for delivery" screen but the mails do not appear.

All Backup Exec services have been restarted.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas on a solution ?

Level 6

Please refer these technotes:

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