Novell NSS file permissions and Backup Exec 2012/2014

I am looking in the documentation for Backup Exec 2012 and 2014, both of which say they support NSS volumes. We have a SLES server version 10 SP3 running OES version 2 SP3. I am able to backup the NSS volumes from our Backup Exec 2012 and 2014 servers. However, if I restore files, the file persmissions need to be reassigned. Is this by design? Some of our shares are quite complex, with IRFs and explicit permissions at various levels. 


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Are you restoring files back

Are you restoring files back to the same or different NSS volumes?

Are you restoring back to the same location? If yes, do the results change if you redirect the restore to a different folder on the same NSS volume?

Does this help? http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH164123

Thanks Chris. I am restoring

Thanks Chris. I am restoring back to the same NSS volume. 

I did notice that the /ListXattrNWMetadata parameter was commented out and the /CtimeIsMetadataModTime parameter was missing altogether from our nssstart.cfg file mentioned in the link you posted. I`ll change these and see if that fixes our problem.