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Now there is BE 16, can i stream all B2D Jobs to Tape with a single 'collection' job?

Level 6

First ...
There is still no Windows 2016 or BE 16 in OS and Product Selection ...

I have several jobs running Backup 2 Disk and Duplicate to Tape.
But the libraray needs to load a tape (same tape) for every single B2D2T Job.

Is there any solution to

  1. Run all B2D Disk jobs during  day/night tasks ...
  2. Collect all B2D Backupsets and duplicate all these to a tape in a efficient way to the library?

This shoulb be possible, i remeber that this was promissed in some early BackupExec Beta´s 2 or 3 years in the past.

Has anyone done this yet?




Level 4

I don't believe there is a way to automatically do this.  However there is a way to manually do it. If you view the Backup Set view of the B2D folder, CTRL select the multiple sets you wish to duplicate and then right click and select Duplicate.  This should send all these duplicates in a single job which may be more effecient use of your hardware.




that would be one way.
It looks like Backup Exec is not learning new tricks ...

Maybe a PS script that querys all new B2D media from the night and duplicate these to tape ..