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ODBC access error and catalog index issues, and credentials problem.

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BackupExec 15 is version 14.2 Rev.1180.3157, Feature Pack 5, Hot Fix 115844,116031,116730

I'm dealing with an environment that is successfully completing backups, but I see a string of "ODBC access error. Possible lost connection to database or unsuccessful access to catalog index in the database" alerts in BackupExec's active alerts after the job is done.

I know that the database (On MSSQL) is OK, because I run database maintenance every night with a consistency check, and it completes successfully.

However, I have noticed that since one of the domain controllers was moved, the automated credentials test has failed for a number of hosts - and we've yet to fix it. It's prompting me to go to the "Test/edit credentials" dialog to view and fix problems.

In addition to the ODBC access error messages, I also see these alerts in Windows Application Event Log:

Update to catalog index (Catalog index database) failed.
Reason: D:\Backup Exec\Catalogs\SCFDC01\{583F332A-8EC8-4633-A5B1-579DFBA099E1}_20.xml PerformBulkInsert()

Update to catalog index (Catalog index database) failed.
Reason: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]An error occurred in the Microsoft .NET Framework while trying to load assembly id 65544. The server may be running out of resources, or the assembly may not be trusted with PERMISSION_SET = EXTERNAL_ACCESS o CCatRecordSet::ExecuteBulkInsert
sp_sproc_columns CatImageInfoProc

Am I right to think that because of the missing credentials, that the catalog has not been able to update itself with new filesystem information on the hosts that it is backing up? The backups aren't failing however...

Also, is there any way to rebuild the catalog in BackupExec 15? If these permissions get sorted out and I still get this error, how does one clean up the catalog index?

BackupExec 15 is version 14.2 Rev.1180.3157, Feature Pack 5, Hot Fix 115844,116031,116730



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Steps mentioned by VJware in following post would help. Please ensure that a backup of BEDB is created before trying these steps :

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Tried relocating the catalog directory, and now the problem seems a lot worse.

Even more ODBC errors are happening (same ones), but this time they just don't stop.

I checked the database out. It IS running and accessible by the BE user, so it makes no sense at all why these errors are showing up. I ran BEUtility to ensure that the database was consistent and tried reindexing and repairing it. All successfull..... however when I start BUExec again it just floods now with ODBC errors.

I don't know what to do.