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OST Hardware

Hello, I wanted to get some more information regarding OST. Here is the hardware layout we have planned.


Server1 - CAS only to manage from

Server2 - Media Server1

Server3 - Media Server2


My question..

Q:  Do we need to purchase OST storage devices if we want to copy deduplicated data from Media Server1 to Media Server2 over the network? If not is their an advantage?




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You can do this with BE Media

You can do this with BE Media Server Deduplication option or with BE3600 Appliance (depending on size of dedupe storage requirement).


and (applies to 2012 as well).

This is very helpful, but one

This is very helpful, but one more question regarding BE 2012. Once the Media Server Dedups the data from a client and then writes it, how does it get copied over to another media server? We currently use a duplicate job to perform this in 2010 R3 and was wondering if it was the same process.



You can purchase an OST

You can purchase an OST device from the likes of DataDomain, HP, Exagrid, etc (Check compatibility guides for a complete list)  You get better performance, and more scalability.


Or you can use the native dedupe in BackupExec.  However you need to provide your own fast direct attached storage with NTFS, that can write well over 150MB/s, and your servers need to have 16GB or more ram, upwards of 30+GB of RAM depending on how much data will be stored in the dedupe store.


So cost wise when you factor in your server and disk costs, it's a wash when compared to an OST appliance.

CASO is the facility used to

CASO is the facility used to duplicate data from one media server to the other.  CASO has visibility for the catalogs to track and manage this data.

Yes.  You still use a

Yes.  You still use a duplicate job to duplicate the backup set from one dedup folder/appliance to another dedup folder/appliance