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Off-Site Data Backup

Level 3

I am trying to find a solution to a backup problem. We have been asked to come up with a way to do D2D backup of our data offsite. We already know that we have to do this to one of our other sites, not the cloud.  My problem is the shear volume of data.

Each week, I backup about 3TB of data which includes 6 daily and 1 weekly backup. If I were doing a D2D onsite, it would not be an issue, but remotely I just cannot find a way to do it efficiently.

Any suggestions?


Level 6

Deduplication.  Native Dedupe within backupexec, or use an OST appliance from the likes of EMC/DataDomain, Exagrid, etc.

You're really contigent on bandwidth...  3TB is not a whole lot of data if your overall change rate it low.