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Offhost Backup - Backup Exec 2012 - Failing for volumes hosted on Dell MD3600F SAN ; Server OS- Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Hello All,

We do have Dell Powervault array model MD3600F over which the Exchange server luns are hosted. Backup Exec 2012 is the backup software we have in our setup. We are trying to implement offhost backup (LAN free backup)  for the above said exchange server luns by enabling ADBO option in the backup server and selecting 'Microsoft VSS snapshot - Hardware provider' under Advanced open File Option in the job settings. 

The above configured job fails with the following error. [screenshots attached] :-

The hardware provider version as per the vss command is also attached in the screen shot.

Could someone please guide throw your valuable insights in this issue.

Many Thanks,

Balaji Subramanian









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First, do ensure all

First, do ensure all requirements for offhost backup are met as per -

Secondly, enable the option "use offhost backup" from the Advanced Disk Based Option setting of the backup job and there is no need to enable Advanced Open File Option.


This device is not listed in

This device is not listed in the HCL below as supporting off-host backups

Thanks pkh for the update!.

Thanks pkh for the update!. But I could find MD3200i, similar model and of the same controller manufacturer [LSI] as that of the one which we do have. 

So, I want to know whether the models which are present in that list would only be supported and similar architectures not present in that list would not be supported? Plz advise!

Many Thanks,


Typically, the exact same

Typically, the exact same hardware should be listed. If you look @ the KB article which i posted earlier, one of the first requirements is to check the HCL for the supported VSS provider. If the MD3600 uses the exact same controller and the same VSS provider, you could consider logging a formal support case to check if your model will work or not. Though prior to that, do confirm you are meeting all other requirements + the offhost job is setup properly.



If the exact model is not

If the exact model is not listed in the HCL, it means that it has not been tested and thus not supported

@VJware: Thanks for the

@VJware: Thanks for the update. First, I will confirm from Dell whether both the models have the same setup and then consider logging the case with Symantec.

@pkh: Thanks for the update!.