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Old EV site server avoids successful backup

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Hey guys,

I'am just supporting a new customer and I try to troubleshoot an EV 10.0.4 environment. I hope this section is ok, the topic goes hand in hand with BackupExec 14

In general the environment looks fine, but the backup is not working... at least Enterprise Vault "thinks" the backup did not run.
It seems that EV has been migrated from server SRV-ARC-V-01 to SRV-ARC-V-02

BackupExec 14 generates a successful backup, but I guess it wants to save its log files on SRV-ARC-V-01 which is not existent anymore. Therefore SRV-ARC-V-02 does not recognize that the backup was successful.

When I search in the registry of SRV-ARC-V-02 I will find a lot of entries for SRV-ARC-V-01

Have you any ideas how to fix that issue?

Oh, btw the Indian experts from Symantec don't even understand the problem.

Kind regards,




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i see this error in your xml file 22 times: The Backup Exec server was unable to connect to remote machine using protocol IPv4.

what if you create a DNS alias for SRV-ARC-V-01 and point it to the IP of SRV-ARC-V-02?

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Hi woelki,

This issue seems to be more related to BE than EV. As Andrew mentioned, the BE backup job still has the old EV server name in the backup job. Adding a DNS alias should work but I think that it's more a workaround. You should reconfigure your BE backup job to reflect the correct EV server name.

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Hi both,

yes, for me it would be no problem, if someone could move this to the BE section.

The thing is, that we don't find the SRV-ARC-V-01 in the backup job configuration.
We will try the workaround with the DNS alias.

Will update you.