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One of my servers is dying

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I have an environment where Backup Exec is installed on our DC, for the purpose of backing up the DC. One of our other servers is having issues that are preventing backups from being run. It appears that the DC looks to the other server for SQL services. If the other server is down, Backup Exec gives an error that an unexpected database error has occurred and there is no information available in the windows.

I need to move the information that is on the other server onto the DC so that BE will run properly. What is required to do this?

I realize my question may be obscure, but it is because I have very little experience with this software and don't even know the right questions to ask.

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Level 3

Thanks for the reply. I reviewed the 2 docs you suggested. It appears that 275658 is most appropriate.

I began following the steps of this doc. I located the BEDB.bak on the dying server and copied it to a safe location.

I ran the BEUTILITY Console and created the New Database Location. It displayed the correct Current SQL Server instance. I then entered the servername\BKUPEXECNEW in the Destination SQL Server instance. I clicked OK and the process began. However, I received the following error right away: "Destination database server does not have SQL service installed."

Perhaps I misunderstood something along the way. I was expecting the MSDE to take over when this happened, but perhaps MSDE has not been installed.

Next steps?

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What is the destination server you are using for moving the backup exec instance? Does it have SQL i nstalled? If yes, what is the version and are there any Sercvice packs installed too?

Make sure that the destination server has SQL installed and you rpovide its name correctly while changing the location of the BEDB.
Run an sgmon and retry the process. If the error recurs, revert with the details on the steps performed as also the details regarding the destination server etc..

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Thank you for the reply. The server on which Backup Exec is running, which is the destination server for the database, is not running SQL. That is why I commented in an earlier post that I expected it to utilize MSDE.

I am almost to the point where I am ready to uninstall BE from the server and then re-install forcing it to use MSDE on the local server. I would have thought that this would have been easier.


Level 6

Do you mean to say that you are now ready to uninstall BE from the current server and then re-install it on the local server?

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