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One or more arguments are invalid when catalogging

Level 3
I have an HP MSL6000 Autoloader and it has two ultrium tape drives in it. When I try and send a catalog job to a specific tape drive I get the error "One or more arguments are invalid". However if I send the catalog job to the autoloader itself and Not a specific tape drive everything works fine. I want to be able to send all of my catalogging jobs to the second tape drive and make sure the primary drive is always available for backups/restores.

On a side note, If i send a backup or restore job to a specific tape drive, that works fine. It seems isolated to the catalog jobs.

I have removed and reinstalled the latest veritas device drivers and applied the most recent patches to BE. I am running ver 10.1 Rev 5629Message was edited by:
Mike Jones

Level 6

For this issue do the following:

- Rename the catalog folder
- use storage based catalogs
- then run the catalog.

- Kindly refer the following Document:


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Thank You

Level 3
I have done what you suggested and i still get the same error when running a catalog job.

Level 6

You can try the below mentioned steps:

1. Stop the RSM (Removable Storage Service). Either set it to Manual or Disabled. This is located under Services.msc from start-run-window.
2. Disable and delete the drive(s) in Backup Exec console under devices tab. For steps follow the related technote ID-192144
3. Restart Backup Exec Services.
4. Make sure latest Symantec drivers have been installed. To get the latest driver follow the link given below.
5. After installing the drivers reboot the server and run the small backup job.

Incase the issue is unresolved, Power-cycle the services of Tape Library as given below.

6. Shutdown the library.
7. Shutdown the server.
8. Start the library.
9. Start the server.
10.Go to Backup Exec devices tab and confirm the proper detection of devices.
11. Run the small backup job and check the result.

Hope this helps you.


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