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Oracle Agent Not showing all Temp Files

Using Backup Exec 9.1 for Windows. Running on Win 2000 server. I have Oracle agent running on another Win 200 server.

When creating Backu job it does not show one of my Tmeporary Oracle files. I have two others that do show up and I can back up. The third one does not appear and therefore is not being backed up. The name of the TEMP space is SKY_LMS_TEMPORARY.
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Re: Oracle Agent Not showing all Temp Files

This is in reference to the problem posted by you probably the following details will help us to determine your problem and give you the correct solution:
>>Extension of the SKY_LMS_TEMPORARY
>>Names of the other two files which you can backup
Also, Please Check the rights assigned to Backup Exec logon account. Logon account should have domain admin rights and local admin rights.

Re: Oracle Agent Not showing all Temp Files

Ok, here is the story.

That temporary tablespace is a Locally Managed Tablespace (LMT), with temporary files.

I found out that temp LMT’s are not backed up by oracle, and I guess not by veritas. There is no need to back them up, because they contain only temp data.

I do not know why the Oracle Storage Manager does not show the temp files. My guess is that temp files are only used when needed, and they were probably de-allocated at the time we are looking at them. Look during the day and maybe it will show differently.

This query shows that the files are indeed in the system along with there name:

SQLWKS> select tablespace_name,file_name from dba_temp_files;
------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------
2 rows selected.

I knew they had to be there, because that tablespace is used by everyone.

Note that I added LMSTEMP2.ORA while I was testing this out.

Maybe we need to just copy those files to the backup server once, and then we’ll be ok…

Re: Oracle Agent Not showing all Temp Files


we want to inform you that it is not required to backup the temporary files.


Re: Oracle Agent Not showing all Temp Files


In reference to our previous reply to your post, we would request you to update us on the progress.

However, if we do not receive your intimation within two business days, this post would be assumed answered and archived.


Re: Oracle Agent Not showing all Temp Files

Archiving the post as per our previous reply