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Oracle Archive log deletion Or9.2 win2k, BE10d

Level 4
we have oracle BE10d on w2k, trying to backup remote win2k servers which has Oracle9i ..we do online db backup and I use Post Script to delete the archive logs...But it wont run after the online db backup it gives error.not found...

so i tried by adding addtional folder in filesyhstem to online backup , which it ran and purged logs...BUT if online db fails and that folder backup is successful which is in same job it is deleting the logs pls. let me know best way/safe way deleteing these oracle logs which r 7 days old automatically after the online db is succesful...

any suggestions / help appreciated..

thanks in advance..

Level 6

The Oracle agent automatically backs up the database tablespace data files and the database control file along with all the Oracle archived log files when a full backup is performed. Backup Exec will not delete archive redo log files after the backup operation.
In regards to Arhivelog the Oracle database must be set to ARCHIVELOG mode. This is so the Oracle agent can put each tablespace in Backup mode prior to running the Backup operation.
For more information and/or recommendations for managing archive redo log files in a specific environment, see Oracle documentation or contact Oracle support.

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