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Oracle Restore to differenet location

hello everyone i want to restore oracle data base to a different location but an error occurs during restore the error is"the database script returned an error " resourse error.

Snapshots are attached, kindly guide me what this error is about

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Re: Oracle Restore to differenet location


The error message you have attached is very generic and does not provide details. Please attach the failed restore job log or on expand the job log details you will find RMAN output section. Please review and share the RMAN output.

Also confirm if you are restoring the database using the following steps

Re: Oracle Restore to differenet location

I have tried it, but it didn't help.

I am taking backup successfully, file level restore successfully, but when i am trying to restore oracle instance the restore starts and then give some error as attached

Kindli guid me what i have to do

I don't understand the error

Re: Oracle Restore to differenet location

The error message in the last screenshot suggests a problem with logon account confiugration. Please check the following

Also confirm if the modify list is set correctly in the media server Oracle settings.