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Oracle agent fails test run

Level 3
I am updating to 11d and in our test environment a test run fails every time we try and use the remote agent to backup an Oracle 9i db. I have added the oracle server we are testing (mirror of our live server) as an authorized server in the oracle options and I have added the db initiated job to the remote agent. I can watch the remote agent show activation but the job will fail every time. If I uncheck the oracle database as an option in the selection the job passes the test.

Can anyone shed some light as to whether or not the oracle agent for 11 has bugs that would cause this?

If I can not get this resolved I am not going to upgrade to 11.Message was edited by:
Stephen Antoniuk

Level 3
Just want to add that I found this tidbit:

"Windows uses the group ORA_DBA to provide for passing DBA privileges for an OS user. When running VxMON, the user who is logged on to the server must not be a member of this group or the configuration utility will not be able to confirm the Oracle credentials during setup."

Does this mean the authentication account I am using for hte remote agent can NOT be in the ORA_DBA group?

If this is the case I think I solved my problem - bakc to testing I goMessage was edited by:
Stephen Antoniuk

Level 6

Revert for any further Query and thank you for the Update

Thank you

Level 3
11.0 did not work at all. Looks like I will not be upgrading. I'm not sure what happened but Oracle looks like it is not really supported by you guys anymore.

Oh and I do not understand your replyMessage was edited by:
Stephen Antoniuk