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[PROBLEM] AgentConfig Oracle Linux 7.2

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Hi all,


oradev (oracle user. In DBA and BEoper group)

backup (has SYSDBA and SYSBACKUP privilege)

Backup Exec: 15 FP 5

Database: Oracle 12.c (12.1)

OS: Oracle Linux Server 7.2


i have a problem:

I use 'root' for running ./AgentConfig . I choose option 1 (Configure Database Access) and put 'oradev' user as system credential for oracle operation and has local system. Everything is fine. But when i choose option 2 (Configure Oracle Instance Information), i can't put 'backup' user. It always says failed to login.

Then i use 'oradev' for running ./AgentConfig. I can put 'backup' user for option 2 (Configure Oracle Instance Information). But can't put 'oradev' user for option 1 (Configure Database Access). It always says "Either incorrect credentials were used, or the user account is not a member of the beoper group. Ensure that the correct credentials are entered, that the user account is a member of the beoper group, and then try again.". I'm sure that i put the right password and is in BEoper group.

Do i miss something?

I'm sorry if my english isn't good. I hope you guys get my message.


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from the SCL oracle linux 7.2 is not supported.