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Parralel laufende Jobs

Hallo Zusammen,


ich habe da mal eine Frage bezüglich Backu Exec 2010.

Und zwar haben wir 2 Bandeinheiten mit jeweisl 2 Robotereinheiten.

Wenn ich jetzt jedoch im Backup Exec die Aufträge aufteile, dann werden jedoch immer nur 2 Aufträge gleichzeitig abgearbeitet.

Kann man das irgendwie anpassen?

Zudem würden wir gerne unser Backup Exec im Cluster laufen lassen. Gibt es da ein Best-Practice Paper?


Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Marc Borgner

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Hi marc,   If Google

Hi marc,


If Google translated your post correctly, you've got 2 robotics libraries you're using, and even though you've split your jobs, only 2 are running?

Is this correct?

If so, you need to make sure of the following:

1. You have the correct LEO (Library Expansion Option) licenses...BE "gives" you 1 license for a drive in a library/autoloader. for every other drive you need an LEO. In this case, if you have 2 libraries, each with 2 drives, you'd need 3 licenses.

2. Make sure your jobs are targetting the correct library/drives. If not, then 2 jobs would only end up running while the other library sits idle.


Please let me know if the above is correct or not!


Hi Craig,   thanks for your

Hi Craig,


thanks for your quick answer.

Google Translation is cool, isn't it? Smiley Happy

I don't know that we need for each robotic unit a licence. I controlled it and have seen that we only got 2 LEO licenses.

So the problem should be fixed soon, when the licenses are integrated.


Thanks you very much.


But have you got an answer for my 2nd question with the clustering option?


Whoops, forgot that one. I've

Whoops, forgot that one. I've installed it on an MS cluster myself with 11d, but here is the TN will explain how to do this...


Die Frage ist eigentlich,

Die Frage ist eigentlich, warum Backup Exec geclustert werden soll?

Ich würde das nicht unbedingt empfehlen und es macht eigentlich auch keinen Sinn, da ein Backupserver eigentlich kein System für High Availability ist.


Hallo Dominik,   wir müssen

Hallo Dominik,


wir müssen es clustern, da wir hier Kundensysteme am laufen haben und diese laut SLA auf die Backups bestehen dürfen.

Somit muss ich sicherstellen können, dass die Backups auch laufen wenn mal der Backup-Server ausfällt.


Macht das nun Sinn?



----- English Version:

Hello Dominik,


we have to cluster our Backup-System, because we got some customersystems running which have an SLA.

That's the reason why I must assure that the backups are running if one backup-server is out of state.

Makes this sense for you?




Could you give some more

Could you give some more details to the environment?

Just an example for a setup i would prefer and implemented many times:

1. Central Admin Server in a virtual machine

2. 2 Managed Media Servers as physical machines

3. All storage devices SAN-attached and shared between the Media Servers with San Shared Storage Option


I am not a fan of BE cluster implementations... Smiley Wink


Well, if there are only 2

Well, if there are only 2 servers, and they're in a cluster, I guess BE is going to have to be installed in a cluster.

Symantec documented it in that link below, so it's all-good then!


Hi to everybody,   so i got

Hi to everybody,


so i got another problem.

I ordered 2 additional LEO licences.

But our Backup is running like before. Is there anything I must change?


Since this is a new problem,

Since this is a new problem, you should have closed out this discussion and start a new discussion.


Hi pkh,   it's not a new

Hi pkh,


it's not a new problem.

It's an additional problem to the question I asked at the beginning.

Highlighted the LEO installed...? the LEO installed...?


Yes... I added it through the

Yes... I added it through the Licence Assistant...


Did you try to restart all

Did you try to restart all Backup Exec Services on the media server after adding the LEO licences?


Yes. I restarted them. But

Yes. I restarted them.

But the start and end times are the same then before.

Did I anything wrong?


Hi point_S,   you are talking

Hi point_S,


you are talking about the start and end times of your backup jobs, right?

How often is the LEO listed under Help - About - License Information?





Hi mage1,   yes, I talk about

Hi mage1,


yes, I talk about the start and end times of our backup jobs.

In the license Information tab the LEO is listed 3 times.

But on the licence sheet of symantec, there stand that 1 licence key is for 2 LEOs is that possible?

For the other 2 LEOs I got 2 sepperate licence keys.


Thanks for the help.


Hi point_S,   for my

Hi point_S,


for my understanding you have 2 libraries with 2 drives each. so you would need only 3 LEOs. but it is possible that 1 license key stands for 2 LEOs, we have 1 licence key for 20 remote agents. so this should be okay.


Does BackupExec use all your drives? Could you check this in the job log please? Are your backup jobs configured to run on a single drive or on the whole library?





Hi mage1,   I found the

Hi mage1,


I found the problem.

In the device-pool the 4th robotic unit was not entered.

So I think this problem is solved.


But can someone of you help me with the cluster function?

We want a secure backup for our company.


Hello,so i copleteley lost


I completely lost it. Smiley Very Happy

Are we talking of 2 Tape Libraries each with 2 tape drives? And how many jobs are scheduled to run at the same time?

Have you already tried to go to the tab "devices" right click on the media server and pause it, wait a bit and then unpause it?


best regards