Partial Link between MMS and CASO Server

Hi All, 

I've been having a nightmare with trying to get a CASO server linked to one MMS in a test enviroment for eventual roll out.


The CASO can see the MMS, communication is enabled and you can connect to the MMS for local admin. Tape libraries are viewable and any partition / name changes made are transferred to the MMS. Also jobs can be created on the CASO server for the MMS. The MMS sends any parition/name changes of it's local drives to the CASO server.


When i try to copy jobs from the CASO to the MMS the jobs time out after 11mins, if i try to copy a job from the MMS to the CASO I get an error of :- "0xe0008814 - An internal error occurred while trying to send a message to the server." BUT the job is copied to the CASO server!


Trying to run jobs set up on the CASO server for the MMS to run (Specifying the MMS's Data to be backed up by the MMS's Tape libraries)  Time out after 15-20mins saying they 'recovered' where nothing happens, also no action is taken by the Tape Lib on the MMS.


Both are running BE 11d (7170) fully updated using live update and meet specs, port 3527 is open from both servers. I've used the registry change to make sure that port 3527 is specified. Communication between the two servers appears to be normal, (Terminal Services/Shares/Pings) there are no software firewalls running on either server. (CASO=2k3, MMS=2k)


I'm running out of ideas... Any help appreciated! >_<