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Password Protect Backup Exec Settings

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Hi Ladies and Gents,

This would be my first time using this forum.

I would beleave that BE allows sertain levels of access to the BE agent. We have certain levels of support and where one team will look at the backup jobs as RT on a daily bases. If they notice any missed/failed jobs then they would escalate it to the infrastructure team to repair.

I have noticed that some jobs at certain clients have failed due to changes made to the jobs. In exexample tapes being moved to incorrect media sets wich changes the protection settings of the tapes. We are unbale to pin point who could be making these changes and would like password protect all settings and allow "viewing rights" (if I can callit that) to some users.Is this possible to do in BE 12-14?

Looking forward to a responce.

Regards Eugene


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Hi Eugene,

Welcome to VOX. Backup Exec in no way has any roles that can be assigned to it giving security permissions to certain things. This has been asked for on numerous occasions over the years I've been on and never addressed.

You're going to have to try doing this from a Windows perspective and play around by adding users to certain groups only. You can password protect BE when it starts up, but that's about it. Anyone with the password can make the necessary changes.


Hi CraigV,

Thanks for your responce.

This will not really help doing it in windows. For team who checks the backups will need to view the jobs. I will have to make other recomendations to the client SDM for the first line support to view the backups via mail report and log calls to server support accordingly.

This could be somthing that Backup Exec can look into in future versions to come.