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Performance on a Backup Exec Job

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Hi, i am looking for some advice, currently using Backup Exec 16 to backup some files to a NAS. 

What i am finding is that the job i am running is running at around 50MB/s across a Gb Ethernet network.

I want to understand if there is a BE 'overhead' when performing backups.

For example i copy a 16GB file from a Windows Server over the network to a NAS and the copy takes 2.5mins @ 109MB/s, if i create a BE job for that same file from that same server to that same NAS the backup job takes 20mins; 10mins to perform the backup, 10 mins to verify the file confirmed in the job log.

Is this right?

I have another job that backs up 1.02TB of VM images through vCenter agent and 400GB of DB .bak files from a Windows SMB Share and it currently takes 8 hours to write and verify to an LTO7 Tape drive which i can understand but FOURTEEN hours to write and verify on a NAS over a 1GB network when there is no other activity (The NAS is RAID5, but its similar on a RAID10). Copying 1.02TB over a 1GB network should be 3hours @ full 109MB/s Is there a reason BE makes this process take so much longer?

The files are all large VMDK or .bak files so its not like its 100's of smaller files. 



The size of most files is small?

If yes, it will be slower..

No as per post, most the files are large VMDK or .bak files.

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Hi, thank you for this, however, this seems to be how to increase performance, but what i need to know initially is if BE is performing as expected...

Whether there is an overhead to be expected etc?


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When you backup a remote server to NAS, the data travels from remote server to BE and then do NAS. This is how it will function when backing up the BAK files.
For VMware backups also, it is the same but BE adds GRT functionality so that may add to the time a bit. It is best to test w/o GRT enabled for the VMs.
To rule out the NAS from the equation, can you test the backup from remote server to local disk on BE server, Check how is the performance ? Does the performance dip when the backing up to NAS compared to local disk ?
Performance depends on source disk performance , number of reads from source disk, kind of resource being backed up, backup job settings chosen, the network and then on BE server, storage etc.