Permanent Incrementals

I'm looking to implement a new disk-only backup system, removing tape completely. To reduce the bandwidth usage across the WAN for each backup target I'd like to perform an initial full backup and then incremental-only, i.e. no further full backups.

The retention period is only 3 months, so the data set is of limited size

Is this possible, and / or advisable, considering the way Backup Exec works, to operate backups in this way? 

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Re: Permanent Incrementals

Permanent incrementals is a bad idea.

1) You have to keep the entire backup chain.  Any corruption will render all your subsequent backups useless.  Also, you are going to chew up media fast.

2) You have to restore the entire chain to recover your server, using time which you do not have during a recovery.

Re: Permanent Incrementals


if you backup only filesystem data, and you have Enterprise Server Option license, you can use synthetic backup, but there are other issues, please see following technote https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.000075722

Another option is to deploy additional BE server in the remote location and setup CASO envrionment and use optimized duplication between BE servers via WAN, please see https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.000068228



Re: Permanent Incrementals

Also only always ON-Line disk storage is a bad idea as we have seen that some types of ransomeware know the common disk storage file names for  the popuar backup products and deliberarely attack  those file types as well as the original documents.  So you will need something that is taken offline to negate against this. (which is why tapes may prove to be more popular going forwards although of course RDX style systems also meet that requirement)