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Phone support is horrible - Why?

I schedule times to have an engineer call me, twice...and they don't call.  I wait 30-60 minutes and call back asking for why someone hasn't called me about my issue, I'm put into the engineer queue.  Duty managers do nothing but say they'll call you back.  I hold.  The furthest I've gotten through holding is a message saying to leave a name and number and they'll call me back again.  So I'm basically holding until I'm cut off.  Each time at least an hour.  The hold "music" is something akin to torture, with horrible static/fuzz making it at times almost impossible to hear the lyrics.  I don't think I've heard the same thing on SEP support calls.  Why have phone support and even better, why pay for phone support, if you get no phone support?  I'm wasting too much time for just an initial contact on one case where my backups are failing. Right now, I'm still trying what I can on my own, don't concentrate on my case, concentrate on this horrible service.

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Well the only thing I can

Well the only thing I can suggest is to Raise the severity of he case if it is Urgent . Support guys are mostly busy with the live calls so there is always a delay for a call back ..

I just went through this and

I just went through this and I understand the horrible hold music.

I gave up waiting after an hour on hold after creating the case online yesterday.

I got in an called before 8 Est today and got ahold of a tech after 40 minutes. 

i have faced the same. I have

i have faced the same. I have called several times entered my support case # and have waited on hold for a min of 1 hour and then the line disconnects. Tried again with the same end result.

If the hold  times are long,

If the hold  times are long, like they tend  to be sometimes due to high call volumes, you can try to open a case online, using Symwise

I too have been frustrated

I too have been frustrated with the tech support. I have called several times recently and in fact yesterday I created a new case and I left the phone call on for an hour and a half. I hung up after that. I still haven't been contacted.

Usually by the time they get back to me I have figured it out myself. Usually they are looking up the same way I am and don't really have the real answer off the top of their head. This was not the case even a year ago.

You're better off to stick to this forum.

Their PBX has issues, too

Three times in one day we were on hold for about an hour and when the call went to be transferred to a tech, it got dropped and we had to start again.

Even on the fourth call, we were put BACK IN THE QUEUE. Aargh.

No one can be more worse than

No one can be more worse than me....

I recently call up regarding an existing case, wait for 2hr, i give up and went for lunch... finally an engineer call me back 30min later. I ask him to call me back 10min later for me to get up to my work place... 10min past, no one call.. i call helpdesk.. do you know what she said, Sorry the engineer is engage on another call.. WTF.. i ask him to return my call & he can dun respect the customer urgency & carry on with another call.. more worse is the gal whom is on the line with me said will transfer to another engineer... but turn out few second later she HANG up my call!!!.. i called again...wait for another 2hr for the engineer to return my call.. best part is he is not able to resolve my problem & ask me to gather some logs for him to escalate to higher level engineer. so from 11am to 4pm, nothing is solve but to gather some logs!!