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Physical Tape Device Pool

We have 4 backup servers.  We are setting up D2D2T.  CAS and MMS environment.  Each backup server is attached to disks and has a tape library.  I have created a device pool to include each tape library attached to each MMS.

Duplication jobs are set to write to the device pool.  The issue we are running into is jobs are picking an MMS that may not have any writable or appendable tapes when other tape libraries attached to other MMS have writable tapes.

Shouldn't BE 2010 be smart enough to pick a MMS with a library that has a writable tape?  Or does it just pick a MMS and then look for writable tapes and if non are available sit and wait until you import them?  The later of the two doesn't seem right.




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I had a similar issue in the

I had a similar issue in the past where in when you write date to disk with the MMS and then run the duplicate job on the CAS the job will fail - when this was investigated it was identified that duplication with a different media server had not been designed into the product and whilst a good idea would be something that might be considered for a future version of the product as an enhancement.

Have you specified any sepcific media server , you can check this by going  to Media Server tab in the backup job properties.

By default when you run the backup job , the job would write to the 1st available device in the device pool. Make sure you set the device pool properly so the job goes tot he correct device where you want to .Once it get to the device , it will check which tape from that device can be owerwritten .

Hope this helps

No jobs or selection lists

No jobs or selection lists are restricted to any MMS.  The idea is to have a cloud based backup system.  Any MMS can write to any share disk storage and then any MMS can duplicate to any tape in any library on any MMS. 

It is looking like this is not the case.  An MMS might choose a tape library attached to another MMS, but it doesn't check to see if any of those tapes are usable first.  So sometimes it will pick another tape library off another MMS but there wont be any usuable tapes, but there are usuable tapes in another tape library.

If you do an inventory, BEX should no where the usuable tapes are and use them.


When the backup is submitted

When the backup is submitted to the device pool it will go to the 1st free device and try to run the job on the that device . The selection is random I guess, BE is will not check the media in all the device and then choose the best one

Any media server that does not have access to a device corresponding to the job's target device (such as adevice pool) is eliminated

Have read of this document