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Please remove the media from the drive.

Level 2
When my backup job completes at the end of the night I get a message asking me to Remove the media from the drive. I have got BE 10d installed and running LTO2 drives.

The job is set to eject the tape automatically on completion however it will not mark the job as complete until i physically remove the tape from the drive. My over BE10d server with LTO2 drive does not does this. It just ejects the tape and marks the job as completed like I want it to.

Any suggestions?


Level 6

- Do you receive any events in the event logs?

Kindly refer the following Document:

-Event ID 58063: "Backup Exec Alert: Media Remove" is reported during or after a job completes


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Level 3
I have a similar problem with the auto reply not working for the remove media alert. Over the weekend, the full backup runs and uses 3 tapes. It has always worked until recently. Alert response is set to 'yes' and '3 min'. Now the alert keeps repeating itself until I get into work the next day and click OK. This happens between tape 1 and 2 and 3. The tape is loaded into the slot, but won't write data until I click OK on the remove media alert.
I'm using BE10 rev5484 sp4 and an LTO2 drive. Have looked at article 254685 and 192055. Do I need to go so far as to edit the registry and add a new media server as described in the articles?
Thanks for your help!

Level 4
I had the same problem. I'm running BE10 rev5520 sp1. After I installed the Service Pack, the auto reply to Media Remove alerts no longer worked. I tried everything descrbed in the two KB articles, but nothing worked.

I had it set to Respond Yes after 5 minutes, and they were being responded to by ADAMM with response None every 7 minutes for days and days (if I didn't manually click OK).

I changed the response time to every 1 minute, and it seemed fixed. I just checked my Alert History, and apparently they are still being responded to by ADAMM with response None, but now it's every 3 minutes and eventually (after 3-4 hours) the System responds Yes.

So I guess it's not totally fixed, but they are being automatically responded to before work the next day.

I don't know if this will work for you. Good luck.

Level 6
It is totally a work around, but you can remove "Eject on End" from the job description, and eject manually (using either the library contols or the BE Admin Console) when you go to swap tapes.

Level 3
Thank you - I will give it a try - as soon as my backup (in it's 80th hour) finishes!

Level 3
I would like it to work without me having to come in to work 2 times every weekend for tape 2 and 3.....Since it did work before, I'm thinking of reinstalling the tape drive and see if that helps.And maybe the registry edits?

Level 6
Even if you remove the Eject On End, the library should still unload the current tapoe and load a scratch when the next overwrite job starts up. or unload the current tape when it gets full and load an appendable one

Level 3
Thank you all for your help.
Last night I checked the driver for the LTO2 tape drive and found that it had picked up the IBM driver. IBM advises to use the Veritas driver, so I installed the latest one I could find and started a differential backup. The alert response worked!!

Now my problem is that when I installed the veritas device driver, the Removable Storage Service reports Event ID 15 - RSM cannot manage livrary - database is corrupt. This has happened before and seems to coincide with the backups running much slower. ( 8hrs instead of 4 1/2 hrs.)
Has anyone had this happen and what can I do to resolve?
Again, thanks.