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Poor Network performance for Windows 2000 machines (Backup Exec 2010)

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I am wondering if anybody is having the same issues as we are.  We have about 10 machines that run a legacy billing application and unfortunately have to stay Windows 2000 Server SP4.  I am doing standard deduplication jobs and the throughput speeds I am seeing are around 120Mb/Min  when these servers are all on 1gb ports.  I am not seeing any CRC errors or errors in general on the switch side.  When logged into the clients, the ports are not even being touched, as I see less than 1% on both the client and about 4% used on the backup server.  The only thing that is non-standard is that the backup server is on a different subnet, but still local to the same data center.  I am not sure even that putting the backup server interface on that same subnet would increase the performance that much, however I am willing to try anything at this point.

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Can you turn off the dedupe and see if it makes a difference?  Can you use media server dedupe instead?

What about using jumbo frames to increase throughput?  Also hard setting your NIC's to 1000Mb_Full vs auto_negotiate?

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perhaps you should disable the chimney offload.
Please view the following articles by Microsoft.

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Turning off dedupe does not really make a difference.  Backup times and performance are about the same going to a backup to disk folder.  I also am using the AOFO option and lately I have noticed the AOFO store building up and not releasing older files from that store. 

As far as jumbo frames, I need to talk with the network team to see if that is enabled on the network side, I can try that.  As far as hard setting the nic's to full on both sides and 1000Mb, if both are negotiating fine with no errors or drops, will that make a difference (Btw not a network guy by any means)