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Post-Migration Error Database Encryption Key is Incorrect

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HI- I just moved my Backup Exec 15 installation to a new server and now it won't let me open the GUI displaying the error:

The Database encryption key is incorrect, corrupt, or missing. Ensure that a valid database encryption key with the name "abcd.dek" is in use and retry the operation."


This document ( states the "Action" for this error is: "Close Backup Exec and then restart it. If Backup Exec is able to automatically recover the key, you should be able to log in successfully. If the automatic recovery fails, you should manually import the key."


Well, I can't find any documentation on how to import or restore the encryption key for this version, manually or otherwise. This document ( says it's for versions 11d and up but I can't find a "tools" menu anywhere.


Is there a way to do the install and point it to the already created encryption key from the old server? Or...


Any Help?




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If you still have the original server, check BE install Path\Data folder. Copy the dek file from that location to your new BE server BE install Path\Data and then relaunch BE.