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Pre-Installation Check Failures

Level 3

We wanted to trial BE2016 before we renew our 2015 so we dedicated a spare server for the task. New install Server 2012r2.

I have two pre-installation errors I cannot seem to resolve. The first is a "The server service is not running" message. As far as I can tell everything but AD is running including file and print sharing, Hyper-V and IIS. I'm not really sure what it's looking for.

The second issue is "SQL instance BKEXEC was found on this system. The SQL instance is invalid...."Actually there is no possible way there is a BE SQL instance on this server because it's never been installed. Not really sure how to work around that either


Level 5

First, let check for the server service. In Windows Services, look for "Server" Make sure it's started. Also while you're in services, look for SQL Server(BKUPEXEC).

Is it running and there is no reference.

I'm going to assume you meant "It is running" Can you run the preinstall checker and attach it please.

Correct it is running just as I said in my first post. The results of the pre install are an HTML file that requires the accompanying images and xml files to view. Shall I attach the entire folder? The two failed messages are-

The Windows Server service was not started. Start this service before continuing with the installation of Backup Exec.


SQL instance BKUPEXEC was found on this system. The SQL instance is invalid because setup is unable to establish a trusted connection. Uninstall the BKUPEXEC SQL instance before continuing with the installation of Backup Exec.


I have the same 2 errors when trying to upgrade from 15 to 16.  Has there been any resolution to this problem?

I wasn't feeling very secure that I'd get a response since it had been a month since D_Corrigan last posted, so I went ahead with the install even though the preinstall showed the errors described above.  The install went fine.  No problems.  The preinstall check must be hosed.  Hopefully this will help the next guy.  

Hope this helps someone else -- had the same issue - resolved by running the installer as admin..

Level 0

I had the same issue. Resolved by running the installer as admin.
Thanks Spectri and KCGuy765.