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Pre-check for BE2010 to 2012 upgrade

Level 3

I'm in the process to upgrade my BackupExec 2010 R3 to 2012, and when I'm running the pre-check process, I've got the following warning :

Tape device information - Warning - One or more devices on this computer are either not connected or not working.

But, if I goes into BE, all the devices are online and I don't see any missing drivers on the hardware device manager. No hidden devices too..

In the results of the pre-check, it didn't told what device is in problem...

My library is on the HCL, so any idea? I can't take the chance to have a not working device after the upgrade...




Level 6

Hello, it is difficult to determine why the warning is being displayed.  It is possible it is picking up the remnants of another tape version that was previously installed.

Try running tapeinst.exe and select tapeinst.exec and select 'delete devices that no longer exist.

also have you reviewed and tested Backup Exec 2012?  Just want to make sure you are familiar with all the changes.  here is a good link to look at prior to the upgrade

(of course) make sure you stop the BE services and make a copy of the CATALOG and DATA folders before you upgrade

know that Backup Exec 2014 is soon to be released and has many of the functions of Backup Exec 2010R3 that isnt in Backup Exec 2012


Level 3

I understand that I need to stop the services for the catalog and data fodlers copy, bt for the upgrade I need to let them run right?


I'll try the tapeinst option.

Level 6

Yes, you can start the services again 

here is a couple of helpful videos: and