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Prevent restore job delegation in CAS environment

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Hello forum,

we encoutered an issue that occurrs in the following environment:

  • BE2012 SP3
  • CAS in the central location, MMS in remote branches
  • Phisical Quantum DXI device at the central location (integrated as OST device with local CAS)
  • Virtual Quantum DXI devices at remote branches (integrated as OST device with local MMS)
  • The DXI at the central location is shared with each MMS

Backups are performed on each branch by the local MMS which writes to the local virtual DXI device. After that optimized duplication to the central DXI takes place. As a third step data is duplicated form the central DXI to a tape library. For various reasons it can be necessary to run a restore job on the CAS instead of running it from the MMS which performed the backup. 

When the restore job is created the media from the central DXI (target of the former optimized duplication) is specified as source media  What we observed is that the CAS will ALWAYS delegate the restore job to the MMS. We did not find a way to force the CAS to perform the restore on its own unless we stopped the BE services on ALL MMS in the environment. This lead to the CAS performing a successful restore. If any MMS was available the CAS would automatically delegate the job to a remote MMS.

How can this behaviour be prevented? 


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Where are the catalogs and data located? Centrally on the CAS, replicated between the MMS and CAS, or locally on each MMS?


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Hi Craig,

catalogs are replicated.

/edit: We also tried to re-catalog the media before restoring on the CAS - job got delegated to the MMS nevertheless.