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Problem selecting sharepoint 2007 farm in BE2012 R3


I've recently had to reinstall our BE2010 R3 setup on a new server, ever since I've not been able to select our Sharepoint 2007 farm, I keep getting this error:

"None of the web servers for the specified server farm could be accessed"

This happens when I try to add the server farm to the list. What I find most curious is, before I could just browse the sharepoint server, and it would detect the sharepoint farm automatically. What just happened?

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Is it BE2010 R3 or BE2012? If

Is it BE2010 R3 or BE2012?

If its BE2010 R3 then I would suggest you to run live update and install SP2 and update the remote 

agent too. Refer to

It's 2010 R3, already running

It's 2010 R3, already running SP2, agent is latest version aswell :(

Hi,   Please check the TNs



Please check the TNs below which might address it:



@Amol: Please read the OP's statement, and check the tag on the post itself. No mention was made of 2012, and 2010 R3 was specified as the version of BE being used!

Check SQL Permissons



We had the same issue as this when the account the backup uses for permissons does not have permissons over your SQL server that your Sharepoint site is hosted through.   Permissons are needed for the Sharepoint farm aswell as the SQL server itself.

Sorry for the delay, AGDK

Sorry for the delay, AGDK here under my other account (other doesn't send me mail requests on a mail I read regularly).

We've updated to BE2012, I'll update this thread with new info once I've had time to do a test restore from sharepoint