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Problem to select SQL DBs to backup.

Dear All,

  Currently I have a SQL 2008 Server that is being backed up by Backup Exec 15 normaly, without problem. Now, we have installed a new server with the SQL 2018 and I am recreating the DBs from SQL 2008 to SQL 2018. I created a bcakup job to backup the databases from SQL 2018 but I am receiving a error message. 


  Follow attached the file "SQL Error" with the error image and the file "Backup Exec Info with the information about the application.


    Please, do you have idea what can I do to solve this issue or if this issue is related with compabilty between Backup Exec 15 and SQL 2018?


        Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problem to select SQL DBs to backup.

BE 15 only support SQL 2016, NOT SQL 2018.

You can check the SCL below

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