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Problem with RALUS, BE 2014 and RHEL7

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Just want to share this if someone else ends up with the same situation.

Did some tests in a virtual lab with BE2014 and a fresh install of RHEL7.

Before doing this I tested an earlier RHEL release which didn't have this behaviour.

I'm by no means a Linux guru so this may be obvious to some of you but if you end up with the same problem.....


Anyway after installing the RALUS agent and then adding it to the BE server I was not able to browse the server from BE.

It basically came back with "Failed to browse directory....."

Credential check for the server went ok but for the [ROOT] entry it failed.

In the beremote log it stated a failed state for "gvfs /run/user/1000" etc. when trying to browse the RHEL server.


Since 1000 is the account created during install I then logged out and logged in as root.

Since I had only used "su" and "sudo" from that 1000 account it never created the 0/root profile.

After that it created the 0 profile and the BE server was now able to browse the server.





Partner    VIP    Accredited your version of Linux supported as per the BE 2014 SCL? Check this to verify if this is the case. If not, it may explain your issue.


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Just for info BE 2014 admin guide in the section entitled "Installing the Agent for Linux" does not mention using SU or SUDO but does clearly state that you should login as root which would have potentially avoided the problem you describe (and will also explain why no one else appears to have mentioned this to us before)


Thanks for posting this however as it will almost ceratinly be useful going forwards.

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Yes it was RHEL7 as per topic and it's listed as supported in the SCL :)



Yeah the post was more in terms of information rather than needing to fix something, as the problem was down to the root profile.

I searched the net for an explanation and couldn't find the solution from hits I got.

In production this will most likely not occur unless you do what I did with a new system.