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Problem with Remote Agent(64bit) with lotus domino

Level 3
I'm running Backup Exec 11d on windows 2003 server 32bit, running perfectly no issues on the server side/tape/robotic changer etc.

I have a web server, windows 2003 64bit (enterprise) and installed Lotus Domino on it. (6.5.5) (32bit no 64bit version of lotus domino is out there), I pushed the Remote Agent to this server (being 64bit) it installed the 64bit agent.

I could browse the new server via the selections list but it didn't allow me to see the "Lotus Domino Databases" selection. I corrected this by entering the appropriate lotus datapath registry settings on the 64bit server.

But after a restart I now click on the "Lotus Domino Databases" in the Selections and get the following error.

"An error was encountered while attempting to browse the contents of the Databases on XXXX
No data stores can be initialized. The software is most likely installed incorrectly"

So I did a manual install of the aent on the 64bit machine again and it all installs fine but end up with the same error.

agent -debug output from remote agent on 64bit server



Level 3
Did you ever get this issue resolved?  We're running into a similar situation (not exactly the same issue you're having but similar scenario).  Server is running 64-bit Windows 2003 and 32-bit version of Microsoft SQL.  We can browse the databases, but can't back anything up.  Job runs fine, but just gives a bunch of exceptions because it skips every single database.  Everything works fine on servers running 32-bit Windows.

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Symantec? Surely I'm not the only one running Lotus Domino 6 on a windows 64bit platform?

Level 6
Lotus Domino 6 is only supported on a 32bit platform.  Please refer to the Software Compatibility List for any further questions.

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Hi blipsey,

So from reading that PDF document, the remote agent doesn't support version 6.x or version 7.x of lotus dominio on a 64bit operating system.

Is that correct?


Level 6
That is correct.

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I am having the exact same problem as AdStar.  Backup Exec 11d on 32 bit Windows 2003 Server Std.  32 bit Lotus Notes (7.0.2 FP3) running on a 64 bit Windows 2003 Server Std (recently upgraded).  I am unable to see the Notes databases in the selection list.  I can see the mailfiles under the drive letter, though.

Has there been any progress in fixing this issue?  Thanks for any help.